In each country we look for the excellences in the production of furnishing materials.

We carefully select innovative producers and we verify their reliability, their quality and timeliness.
We monitor the entire value chain and we deliver the products where you want them.
Left to you only the pleasure of choice.


Founded by Iris Wang, originally from South Korea, in the landscape of American textile manufacturers Brentano is a young company by age and by its multicultural and creative spirit.
A dynamic and concrete family business, it offers a vast and varied production which ranges from the most luxurious jacquard fabrics to outdoors, without forgetting eco-friendly fabrics and some very luxurious eco-leathers.
Particular attention is paid to technical characteristics, practicality and user-friendliness.

Pollack USA is a textile manufacturer specialized in innovative designs open to the use of all types of fibers and yarns.
Pollack's Design Studio has been directed for more than twenty years by the lovely Rachel Doriss who, alongside with her team, brings experience and enthusiasm to every single fabric, be it a simple stripe or a rich and sophisticated embroidery.

The Weitzner collection is a perfect balance between fabrics and wallcoverings.
Lori Weitzner, its creative director, is a worldwide renown artist and her pieces are shown in the most famous American museums.
Each fabric, each wallcovering has a story and is part of an artistic and interpretative path. In the years the collections, although very different from one another, maintain a common thread inextricably attached to a welcoming, rich, hospitable, enveloping way of interpreting the environments for which they have been thought.

Founded in 1975 By Rudy Mayer, Innovation has been a pioneer in the wallcovering industry introducing many firsts by experimenting with new materials and design techniques.
Working together with worldwide artisans and producers it develops the use of unexpected materials creating out of the box products which will transform any wall into a work of art. With everything from natural wovens to luxe textiles and elevated vinyls, Innovations' versatile assortment explores materiality and technique without compromising durability.

Maison Charles Paris
Founded in 1908, Maison Charles Paris is an undisputed point of reference in classical artistic bronze lighting. Furthermore it has made available to the most famous designers its skills, the refinement and perfection of its work and finishes. Not only bronze anymore but also glass, steel, alabaster, aluminum and resins in an amazing wide range of colors are offered.
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