We help to optimise production costs

By identifying the best supplier to create the desired fabric according to the project's specifications (materials, timing, costs), we are able to optimise production costs, and therefore to significantly reduce the price of the final product.

There are situations that require products with specific technical characteristics (washability, fire resistance, resistance to light or chemical agents,etc..). It is essential to know how to supply even large quantities at a competitive cost. Generally those are contract projects, but not exclusively.

In this case, once the product is defined, Miscimasci makes its network of suppliers available to you, identifying the most suitable one in terms of know-how, costs, and timing.
How would you like to collaborate ?
You decide how to set up our collaboration.
1. We provide you with a feasability assessment (with any necessary adjustments ), a chart of costs, and the implementation timing. When possible we will prepare a prototype sample.
2. Once the sample is approved , we supervise the production and the delivery in accordance with the agreed timing.
3. We take care of the certifications required for the materials.
A concrete example
1. A medium-sized hotel chain appoints a studio of young designers in Turin to transform a farmhouse into an "hôtel de charme" : the budget is defined per room, therefore each element of cost is crucial.
2. The designers envision a light curtain and a black out over curtain. All rigourously code-compliant.
3. We mutually agree to play with colours by choosing a different one for each of the three floors, and to give an additional characterisation with the stylised hotel logo.
4. We suggest the same fire-retardant sheer in three different colours and a matching black out fabric on which the heat-embossed logo, repeated as a geometric motif, creates relief but blends with the tone on tone colour.
NB: At the end of the design phase, we prepared some prototype samples for the client to make a selection. We then oversaw the materials' production together with our suppliers while abiding by the agreed timeline.

We find the suitable furnishing fabric for each project


We assist in the creation of original fabrics