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Consultants in furnishing fabrics and materials for those who create, design, and produce.

Our experience at the service of draftsmen, architects, interior designers, and showrooms.

New possibilities for furnishing fabrics and materials

Miscimasci is aimed at designers, draftsmen, architects, interior designers, and showrooms offering them a consolidated experience in high-end furnishing materials.

We select the materials that our clients imagine for their project, or we have them specifically created using creative, skilled, and reliable manufacturers.

We find the suitable furnishing fabric for each project

We assist our clients in searching furnishing fabrics even when they are hard to source. We find the supplier able to produce fabrics that are no longer in production or we select among the existing materials on the market the one best suited for the project.

We help to optimise production costs

By identifying the best supplier to create the desired fabric according to the project's specifications (materials, timing, costs), we are able to optimise production costs, and therefore to significantly reduce the price of the final product.

We assist in the creation of original fabrics

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the entire production chain of furnishing fabrics—market, materials, and production techniques—we are able to assist the client during any of the phases of the fabrics' production, to make the initial idea a truly unique creation.