We assist in the creation of original fabrics

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the entire production chain of fabric furnishing – market, materials, manufacturing techniques –we are able to assist the client in any of the phases of the fabrics' creation, to make the initial idea a truly unique project.

A client who turns to an architecture firm or an interior design showroom expects creative solutions appropriate for his space that would enhance its character. The designer, for his part, can be inspired by specific aspects and elements of the space he is about to decorate.

A piece of furniture, a painting, a decorated ceiling, an object, the story of the place or of the owner can inspire the appropriate choice of fabrics, rugs and materials, and stimulate the professional's creativity. From a sketch, a render, or even some images, together we can create the customised fabric, rug or wallpaper that will complete your project.
In strict confidentiality, Miscimasci provides its clients with in-depth highly specialised knowledge of each production phase, from design to implementation, of high-end furnishing materials. We are the link that was missing between creators and producers, for the end client's maximum satisfaction.
How would you like to collaborate ?
You decide how to set up our collaboration.
1. Once the project is defined we look for the best suited supplier for its realisation.
2. We provide you with a feasability assessment (and any necessary adjustments), a chart of costs, and the implementation timing. When possible we prepare a prototype sample.
3. Once the project is accepted, production and delivery are initiated.
A concrete example
1. Montecarlo, a very sunny penthouse with a huge living room. The client wished to "cut" the space using flats, as in a theatre setting, to render the room more dynamic or to keep its full largeness.
2. The designer imagined fabric panels inspired by the travels of the apartment's owner, each of them different. He provided us with the technical material necessary for their production.
3. We first determined the textile support on which we would print, evaluating its weight, brightness and rendering.
4. We then proceeded with a print test using the suggested colours, and lastly with the print of the panels.
NB: We pay close attention to the requests we receive in terms of cost, evaluating for each project the optimal production process that will ensure the best result in regard to quality, timing and budget.

We find the suitable furnishing fabric for each project


We help to optimise production costs

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We are the ideal partners for architects, interior designers, draftmen, producers, and showrooms to search for and offer fabrics, materials and furnishing solutions difficult to find elsewhere.